Respond to one of the following challenges with your contest proposal.

1. Connect & find

How would you improve the accessibility of the campus? What improvements would you recommend for bicycle paths or pedestrian walkways? How do you find your way around the campus? Should there be more signposts in the area? How would you increase the brand awareness of the campus area?


2. Inspire & enjoy

What services are missing in the area? What would make the area more pleasant? What kind of parks or green areas should there be? Should there be more places for people from different universities and businesses to meet and have encounters? How would you make visiting the campus area an experience? How would you develop the sense of community among the universities and businesses?


3. Create & learn

What kind of common learning environments are missing in the area? How could the facilities that are already in use be utilized better? Should the virtual learning environments be improved? Could cooperation between different universities and businesses be better? How can new innovations be supported better in the area? What new innovations should there be in the area?


4. Surprise us

Surprise us with an idea that is not applicable to any of the above categories or combines the different categories.